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Beauty Tips for Women : Laser Hair Removal

When shaving constantly becomes unbearable and you somehow always manage to lose your beloved tweezers, you’ll begin to search for alternative ways to reduce this continuous stress. Additionally, the idea of laser hair removal seems to be our only option.


So I’m sure you’re wondering what the magic behind the hair removal might be? Well for one it’s not just aimed at your legs, laser removal can be used for any hairy area on your body, this can be your bikini line, back and even your face. The fantastic concept of laser hair removal is the precision it takes in targeting your dark hairs whilst leaving the area around the skin undamaged. And now you’re wondering how permanent this treatment can be? Well, many women who undergo laser hair removal can see a result of never having to worry about hair again after 7 sessions of treatment.



Costs of laser hair removal can vary between AED500 to AED 1400+

(Remember you will need more than one session to see a permanent result)

Always make sure you consult with a doctor prior to starting any type of new treatment, although hair removal can seem incredible it can come with potential risk factors. Ideally, you’ll want to stop removing your hair for at least 1 to 2 months before your laser treatment.

What happens after a treatment?

Expect to experience slight tingly and unusual sensations around the skin area treated.

Can I wear makeup the day after treatment?

Of course you can, just make sure there are no major scalding areas around your skin first.

Is laser hair removal dangerous if I’ll develop blisters after treatment?
Blisters do not appear on everyone who undergo laser hair removal! It is more apparent with patients with darker shade complexions. No after effects are permanent, all will eventually heal or vanish in little to no time.

Make sure you lotion and take care of your skin daily. Not only after treatment but naturally everyday.


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