Badminton classes in Dubai

Badminton coaching is available in Dubai for all levels.  Badminton lessons in Dubai are for individuals or for two players and can be arranged in the evenings and weekends.


The badminton coaching services I offer include:


One to one lessons – for complete beginners or intermediate club players

Children’s badminton lessons – After school and during the school holiday’s

Group sessions- for beginners also


When a child grows up and becomes more active, most parents have a desire to bring regular exercise into his life, because we all know that physical activity creates optimal conditions for the growth and development of a young body.

It is a difficult choice for parents to decide what is the best sport for kids. Which game is most suitable for their children?


In this article, we will talk about everything that parents need to know about badminton for kids starting from benefits of badminton for children, the suitable age to start badminton, how to choose a proper badminton academy and what is the best badminton racket for children.

If your child is already 7 years old and he is interested in that kind of active physical games, badminton will be an excellent choice!

On the one hand, badminton for kids is dynamic and makes the child move, and on the other hand, it is not traumatic.

So Let’s examine in detail why badminton is the best sport for kids and why more and more parents send their children to play badminton.


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