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9 Ways to Increase Stamina and Endurance for Running

In this detailed info on 9 Ways to Increase Stamina and Endurance for Running in Dubai, you will learn how to Watch your Diet, Focus on Mental Health,  Train your Core, develop your stamina for running and High Intensity Interval Training. By the end of the article you will be able to use the content to not only lose weight but become fitter.  Below we also provide you with contact details to get in touch with one of Trainer.ae personal trainer who can help create a personalized plan just for you.

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Running is a very popular means of achieving fitness and relaxation for many people. For others, such as infantry soldiers and professional athletes, running is a necessary part of everyday life. Whatever your reasons for taking up running, learning how to improve your stamina will help make your running experience far more rewarding and enjoyable. These nine tips will help you increase your stamina and make you a better runner.

#1. Watch your Diet

“You are what you eat” is a very popular saying. You might not exactly be a giant walking chocolate bar or burger just yet but the fact is that the tissues in your body require nutrients which are obtained from the food you eat. For high energy and stamina based activities such as running, you will need a diet which is rich in protein, carbohydrates and fruits.

You will also need to steer clear of carbonated drinks (soda), fatty foods and fried foods as these are all counterproductive for stamina building. In fact, many professional sports clubs ban their athletes from eating such “junk food”. One reason for this is that they (junk food) contain types of fat which, over time, cause a build up of plaque in the blood vessels, which in turn restricts the amount of blood that circulates in the respiratory system while you run; essentially making your body less efficient.

#2. Sleep Well

Any professional athlete or trainer knows that an adequate amount of sleep is indispensable for high performance. Your body uses the time you spend sleeping to recuperate and to rejuvenate your tissues; hence sleep is particularly important in the hours before and after strenuous physical activity.

#3. Focus on Mental Health As Well

Maintaining a balanced and clear mind is key to achieving optimal functionality of the human body. Many people do not realise that stress, although it is majorly a psychological condition, has significant effects on the wellbeing of our bodies. This is because stress weakens the immune system and consequently the body’s capability to build and maintain stamina as it should.

As much as possible, make a conscious effort to live a stress free life by actively doing the things you know will help relieve your stress. On the bright side, once you get in the habit of running, your stress level is going to dramatically drop on its own.

#4. Train your Core

Generally speaking, the section of the body composed of the abdominal, chest, back, thigh and butt muscles is referred to as “the core”. These muscles are centrally placed and play a big part in ensuring that the body maintains its natural form during physical activity. If your body form is wrong or incorrect, you will end up using a lot more effort and energy and will literally run the risk of injury (pardon the pun). Push ups, squats and planks are great exercises for developing and strengthening these muscles.

You should also make sure you develop your calves and hamstrings in addition to your quadriceps and glutes (butt). Since these are the muscles directly involved when you run, the stronger they are, the easier it will be for you to run.

#5. Be Consistent

If you are trying to develop your stamina for running then there is simply no substitute for actually getting out there and running. The more consistently you run, the more your body stamina builds up to enable you to continue running with ease. The key word though is “consistency”. Stamina gained can easily be lost if you do not keep up the activities that helped you gain it in the first place.

In the beginning, you should aim to run shorter distances but with higher regularity. Depending on your capability, running one mile a day four or five times a week will help you get started and will help your body adjust to running.

#6. Increase the Distance you Run

As your body begins to adjust to running a certain distance, you should set incremental challenges. Fitness experts, recommend that you go 10% further on each run than you did on your last. This is a particularly effective way of building and maintaining stamina.

However, be careful not to attempt an increase in distance beyond the 10% threshold per week as this may leave you vulnerable to picking up injuries.

#7. Increase your Pace

In addition to running longer distances, you should also increase your pace using the ten percent rule. This will definitely challenge your body physically, but the rewards are a much fitter and physically capable body which will eventually enable you to have the stamina you want.

#8. High Intensity Interval Training

High intensity interval training is a technique, using which, one would engage in periods of extremely high intensity workouts with short intervals in between. This technique has been found to significantly improve oxygen uptake which is critical for high intensity endurance sports. An increase in your ability to take in oxygen while running will help improve your stamina greatly.

#9. Circuit Training

Circuit training is a technique, used by the British army and other physical training experts, that employs consecutive rounds of cardiovascular exercises, targeting different muscle groups with little or no rest in between. Consistent circuit training will help develop your overall stamina without taking up too much of your time.

We hope these 9 ways to increase your stamina will work out for you but the key is to be patient and consistent. Meanwhile, if you run into any issues or have any questions, please feel free to comment below and one of our experts would be more than willing to help you out.


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