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7 Simple Tips For Losing Post Pregnancy Fat

You must have had an idea of what you were getting yourself into when you first noticed your weight gain during pregnancy; except you did not anticipate getting rid of it would be this difficult. Perhaps you expected that once you gave birth your weight would return to normal, but you’re finding out now, that post pregnancy weight loss is not quite that simple or straightforward. You can still achieve your weight loss goals, though, and we have compiled this list of tips that will help you lose that post pregnancy weight. Read on for the details:

  1. Don’t diet
    dont diet
    It is important for you to stick to having a regular balanced diet. This is because most women after giving birth, have a lot of baby-related issues to deal with which can be stressful in nature. The last thing you want is to go on a diet and get further stressed out in the process. It has been shown that stress can contribute to your weight gain so it’s best to avoid dieting altogether..
  2. Breast-feed
    Some recent studies have shown that breastfeeding exclusively can help you return to your pre-baby weight faster. Also remember to maintain a proper means of balanced diet when breast-feeding.
  3. Constant hydration
    Drinking water through-out the day will help you avoid dehydration well as filling up your stomach so you don’t have to eat too much. Most women after pregnancy, can’t control their appetite and so they eat all kinds of unhealthy foods that eventually contribute to their weight gain.
  4. Get enough sleep
    Recent studies have shown that new moms who slept five hours or less a night were more likely to hold onto their extra pregnancy weight than women who slept seven hours. When you are tired, your body releases cortisol and other stress hormones that can promote weight gain.
  5. Exercise
    Engaging yourself in exercises that will get rid of that undesired weight is necessary for you as a new mom. Make sure you hit the gym and enroll with a weight loss instructor and be sure to get the maximum benefit of everything you are asked to do.
  6. Free your mind
    It is important for you to free your mind as much as possible in other to eradicate every form of stress. Maintaining a calm and composed mindset is what will also help you successfully implement every weight-loss exercise you desire to undertake.
  7. Ask for help

Some people find it relatively easy to work out on their own but others struggle a bit more, and might need some help to get going; hiring a personal trainer is always a good idea if you can afford it. A personal trainer will be able to help you design a diet and exercise plan that is personalized just for you.


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