7 Facts About Corporate Wellness Every CEO Should Know

So you’ve heard a lot about how corporate wellness could help your company grow but this sounds just like another fad to you, and you’re not willing to give the idea any further thought; but before you dismissively brush corporate wellness aside, take a look at what you may be losing out on:

1. Cost effective – According to statistics, nearly 50% of an organization’s profits go into employee healthcare costs. An effective employee wellness programs would go a long way to drastically cutting down on the cost of healthcare. Think about all the money you would be saving if your employees are healthier.

2. Less absenteeism- Corporate wellness would also cause a reduction in the toll of absenteeism among workers. Imagine if all your employees were to show up every day even during the flu season!

3. Willingness to work- People work best when they work willingly. The corporate wellness programs such as free healthy snacks and sports days, could help make work more fun and less stressful.

4. Team spirit- other corporate wellness activities may also improve team spirit among workers. For instance, a regular sports day would be an amazing way for workers to bond, thereby improving communication, trust and understanding.

6. Smoking problem- Whether you know it or not, smokers are less productive. In general, smoking has been estimated to cost companies in the U.S, about $27 million loss in productivity annually. Creating anti-smoking programs would no doubt be helpful to both the worker as well as the company.

7. The norm- According to report of ‘The review of the U.S. Workplace Wellness Market’, corporate wellness programs have achieved a high penetration in the United States. It is estimated that about 100,000 organizations now offer these programs and as such, employees have come to expect them. This simply means that failing to keep up with the trend will place your firm at a disadvantage.

The benefits of corporate wellness are nearly limitless: your staff will be healthier, happier, more productive and less likely to leave for greener pastures. Ultimately, the greatest reward goes to the company.

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