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5 Ways to lose weight without dieting.

Nobody likes to be fat, well I know I don’t. Probably neither do you. I remember one morning while putting on my jeans, I could not button it because my waist had become very big. It was then I realized I had to do something or I would not have any clothes to wear. But, I am a carefree guy who loves life and food. I love eating and did not want to hear about the mumbo-jumbo of dieting. But I knew something had to be done. So this is what I did:


1. Set Achievable Goals

Write down how much weight you want to lose weekly but make sure these targets are not unrealistic. Losing between three and five pounds a week is ideal. You would inevitably miss your weekly targets if they are too high. This may cause you to be disappointed and you may relapse. One thing you should try to avoid is being sad. Studies have shown that people who are happy make better choices in every aspect of life including areas that have an effect on your weight. Be happy and lively. That’s why it is good not to set unachievable targets so you do not end up sad when you fail them.

2. Stand up more

Standing is a form of exercise. If you do something standing, you use a lot more energy than when you do it sitting. So at home and at work, do a lot more things standing than sitting like using your computer or taking telephone calls. Research has shown that five hundred more calories are burnt doing office work standing for eight hours than doing those same duties sitting.

3. Group Activity

Don’t stay indoors all the time, go out with friends to do some activity especially one that puts your body to work. It could be taking a stroll together or playing sports. You are exercising your body without you realizing it. I train three times a week with my work’s football team and I have seen changes in my weight because of it.

4. Turn on the Air Conditioner

Not all fat we have is bad. As infants we had a particular body fat called brown fat which was replaced with white fat as we grew older (It is this white fat that makes us big). But research has shown that lowering the temperature, even a few degrees causes white fat in the body to be converted to brown fat. Brown fat burns off calories in other to create body heat. You don’t have to turn your AC to the highest,living in a freezer, but just a few degrees down is enough to cause white fat to convert to brown fat.

5. Have a Good Night’s sleep

Sleep has been termed by some as the ‘Third Pillar of Health’ (after eating well and exercise). Research has shown that those who do not sleep well are more likely to add weight. In addition, it has been proven that inadequate sleep can cause damage to one’s waistline. A good night’s sleep is one in which you sleep straight for eight good hours.

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