Panic Attack

5 Ways to Help a Person Experiencing Panic Attacks

Did your best friend just have a panic attack? You probably stood there not sure what to do, but don’t beat yourself up about it. A panic attack is a scary experience for both of you. Now the next time you are in a similar situation, here are some things you can do:

1. Get educated- The first step is to know what a panic attack is. Because panic attacks may present similar symptoms as heart attacks, it is necessary to understand the difference. This way, you are able to identify a panic attack when you see one.

2. Stay calm- when a loved one is experiencing an attack, staying calm is the golden rule. Remember that he/she is feeling afraid, agitated and confused. You need to be strong and be their rock. If you panic, you may only aggravate their situation.

3. Reassurance- Use reassuring words like ‘you are going to be fine’, ‘just take deep breaths’, ’whatever you are thinking is not real’, ‘I got you, am right here’. This gives the person a glimpse of reality while in that state of delusion.

4. Communicate- Do not try to assume things. A person having a panic attack is not dumb or deaf. When they have calmed down a little, ask them what they want. Talk to them in simple clear sentences, and then do what you can for them.

5. Be patient – panic attacks can be very scary particularly for first timers so be patient, and understand that it will pass and the person is not in control of his/her behavior. Move the person to a quiet place and be with them until it’s over.


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