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5 Fun Ways to Lose Weight Without Trying

The weight loss journey is mostly a trying journey; despite the pain and sacrifices, many a times the results come slowly. This is probably one of the reason over 50% of those who start this journey, give up halfway. Weight loss although hard, is important when your weight for height is inadequate. This is because excessive weight is associated with many conditions including Heart disease, Diabetes mellitus type 2 as well as Hypertension.

weight loss

Luckily there are ways you could lose weight without trying and whilst having tons of fun. Some of these ways include;

Jumping rope

jump rope

Have you ever wondered why the 10 year old girls that jump rope look so athletic? It is because even though jumping rope is a game, it is also a form of exercise. It is an exercise which is sure to help you burn calories quickly. Therefore when next your niece, daughter or young friend wants to jump rope, feel free to join her.



Dancing is fun and versatile. When used to lose weight, depending on what kind of dance you’re dancing, you could work on two body parts to almost all your body parts. Therefore one fun way to lose weight is to go dancing often. If you have a partner, take him/her dancing frequently. You would be getting two for the price of one (spicing up your relationship whilst losing weight).



I have realized that my mum loses more weight in time frames when she travelled more often. This is because firstly at the airport you end up powerwalking across terminals (especially if you are always late). Secondly, if you travel to the right place, walking is so much more fun than riding in a taxi. You get to see the scenic views (if there are any), no more about the place and more importantly you get to burn those excess calories. Travel more often to new places and you will see those calorie dropping on their own.

Cleaning your house

cleaning the house

There is a reason Martha Stewart doesn’t look obese and this reason is that, those chores you hardly ever do are great calorie burners. Therefore get cleaner than you used to be; clean more often. The more you clean the more calories you’ll see yourself losing whilst getting a sparkling clean house.

Inviting friends for dinner

dinner with friends

It has been proven that people eat less when they’re interacting with others at the table. This is probably because you eat slower when you have to talk and we eat less when we eat slower. The time you use to talk gives each spoon you take time to travel to your stomach so you feel full quicker than if you were eating alone. Making sure you eat less calories than you would have alone. Therefore to throw those calories, put on your ‘hospitality shoes’.


Although these activities will eventually lead to loss of weight, failure is sometimes possible. Failure becomes imminent if you don’t eat well and if you don’t do these activities regularly. This is because for someone who is not exercising regularly they become your only way to exercise. Therefore, remember that effective weight loss needs two factors; control of calorie intake and burning of excess calories and you have to make sure those are always present.

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