4 Things You do That Increases Your Risks of Back Pain

Many a times, most people are focused on finding out the things to do when they have back pains but just a handful actually set their minds on what NOT to do in order to avoid having these pains. Back pains may arise from many uncontrollable reasons some of which are heredity, aging and pregnancy. Nonetheless, there is still a whole bunch out there that actually bring it upon themselves. It may not have occurred to you but there are few things you need to take note of that can make you a candidate of these pains and avoiding them would not only exempt you from back pains but would actually make you live longer.

1. Smoking


If the “SMOKING KILLS” sign on your cigarette packet doesn’t discourage you from smoking, then you should probably get ready to live a shorter life with a spinal disorder.


Cells need nutrients coming from the blood to survive, but the presence of nicotine reduces the flow of blood and therefore cuts down the supply of nutrients to some parts of the body­­, including the discs in the spine­­, eventually causing the cells to weaken, degenerate and die. Smoking also slows down the entire healing process and so it takes longer for people to heal  from back pains. It is addictive and pleasurable yet kills you slowly, we know it is not so easy to stop, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

2. Weight Gain

weight addition

More stress is put on you spinal column when your weight is increased especially if your muscles are not well equipped to handle the increase. These extra pounds drag your body down and increases the pressure on your back muscles causing them to ache as time goes on. Furthermore, the stress these additional weights put on your joints can cause you to balance in awkward postures, that can result in extra tensions and demands to the back muscles, which in turn inevitably increases your risks of having a spinal disorder. Watch your weight and be sure to avoid an aching back.

3. Job Descriptions



It is true that unemployment has taken its toll on society, leading many people into manual labor (which involves lifting heavy materials) to earn a day’s meal. But these tedious works also have their effects one of which is back pain. However, it is also important to note that modern day “skillful” jobs that entail you standing and sitting for hours unending do also play a role in aching backs.Whichever the case, you would need to stay healthy in order to really enjoy the fruit of your labor.

4. Lack Of Exercises


Lack of physical fitness increases the possibilities of having aching backs given the fact that your body is not well equiped to handle most strains (bending, lifting) and unexpected occurrences (falling). More so, it is important to note that inadequate form of exercising can actually lead to back pain, especially not stretching out your muscles after each training. However, the more you train well, the more likely you are not to experience spinal disorders.


It’s painful and extremely uncomfortable, but back pains can actually be prevented. Lay down your lighters, eat healthy, watch your daily posture and make sure you equip your body and muscles to be exempted.

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