4 Reasons Why You Should Never Skip Breakfast

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”, we have all heard this more than enough times to serve us a lifetime. We have heard it to a point that it has become a mantra we say off the head without really knowing if it’s valid. So let’s take a moment and talk about it. Is it actually true? Or is it one of those things parents say to trick their kids to have a solid breakfast?

Eating breakfast helps you manage weight


If you are looking to lose weight or maintain recent weight loss, eating breakfast is crucial. Eating a good breakfast will help you delay hunger for the better part of the day. And it will suffocate your desire to have small tempting foods that are unhealthy because your stomach is already stuffed.
Here’s a tip, weight gain is related to people who have unstable eating patterns, especially (yes, you know it) breakfast. This is because the body is not well adjusted to the times it expects food and your metabolism ceases to be quite as effective.

Having breakfast improves your mental sharpness

 mentally sharper and more alert

Everyone wants to be alert and attentive during the day. Certain breakfast foods have been proven to give you a brain boost and help you perform your daily duties with a sense of heightened clarity and awareness. So logically, not having breakfast slows you down on your daily activities as your mind is clouded by hunger more than any task you’re working on.

You’re setting a good example for your kids

 example for your kids

A University study found that 25 percent of teens regularly miss breakfast. Some do so to save time in the morning, but a sizable portion does it in a misguided attempt to lose weight.
A Finnish study also found that children who skip breakfast are more likely to have parents who also skip breakfast. Unfortunately, the results of skipping breakfast are the same for youths as adults: less energy and concentration, a higher likelihood of weight gain and nutritional deficit. So let’s have a healthy breakfast, the kids are watching!

Skipping breakfast increases the risk of heart disease


Finally, a regular habit of skipping breakfast is shown to increase the risk of serious coronary heart disease by 27%, according to an important study by the Harvard School of Public Health. The scientists examined the habits of over 26,000 men for 16 years, and they found a significant link between skipping breakfast and the incidence of heart attacks and deaths from cardiac problems. This linkage held up even after the researchers eliminated other risk factors such as smoking, overall nutrition, and physical activity.


After reading this, I am sure those of us who don’t have breakfast have related to one ,if not all the points mentioned above. And I hope we’re all making mental notes as to how to improve our breakfast eating habits and in doing so, boost out health level as well. Because who wants to gain weight just because of one simple meal in a day? So let’s all make time to have the “most important meal of the day’ for as we have found out, there is a great deal of truth in that sentence.

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