3 Stretching Exercises For A Strong Upper Back

Sitting for long hours in front of a computer, or at your desk, tighten the muscles of the upper back, and cause it to ache. This could also extend to the neck and make you really uncomfortable. However, some exercises are bound to help relieve you of stiffness and tightness in the muscles and joints of the upper back. These exercises aid in controlling upper back discomfort from stressful activities and if done consistently, life will be more comfortable and keep you at ease.

Below are 3 effective stretching exercises that will give you a strong upper back

1. Forward-bend stretch

forward bend strech

This exercise can be done using an office desk or a wall, or any stable surface, depending on your preference. Stand upright and give a space of about 12-15 inches between yourself and the surface. Now, grab the edge of the surface with your hands and feet shoulder-width apart. Then, walk backward and hinge forward from your hips; keep doing this until your arms get fully extended and your back is kept parallel to the floor. Once that is done, place your head between your arms, such that the top of your head is in line with your shoulders and hips. Try to maintain a balance; you should feel a stretch in your upper back. Breathe slowly, while your muscles relax and maintain the pose for some seconds.

2. Supine upper-back stretch

Supine upper-back

Lie prone on a soft and firm surface, with your arms rested beside you; each arm to its corresponding side. Ensure your arms are not in contact with the floor; leave a space of about 2-3inches. Lift your head, chest, and shoulders, a bit off the floor, and try not to pinch or strain your neck. Now, press your shoulders downward, whilst you feel the upper part of your chest lifting and expanding. Set your eyes fixed on the floor, a few inches away, and feel the inhale slowly and deeply while the muscles involved stretches. Maintain this pose for some seconds, then relax back.

3. Standing pole stretch

standing pole stretch

Standing pole stretch, as its name implies, is a stretch done with a pole or a pillar, while standing. It stretches the muscles of the back, specifically the upper back muscles. Stand in front of a pole, with your feet together, and your toes touching the base of the pole. Now, extend arms in front of you at the same level with your shoulders and extend your hands to the back of the pole whilst you interlock your fingers firmly behind the pole. Inhale; pull navel inward and move your spine away from the pole slowly and release the tension in your neck. Move your head in a circular motion, slightly to the front. Then, lower your knees and move your pelvis forward; keep adjusting till you feel the stretch on your upper back. Maintain the pose for 30seconds or more.


Stretching the upper back makes it stronger and encourages fitness on the muscles around that region.

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