3 Best Exercises For Hiatal Hernia Patients

Hiatal hernia is characterized by a protrusion of the upper part of the stomach, and presses into the thorax, through the esophageal hiatus, and this is due to a tear in the diaphragm. If you are a hiatal hernia patient, higher chances are that you may be suffering heartburn, chest pain, and pain in eating, making life a very frustrating and difficult one for you to live. Large hernias often require surgery, in the long run, while smaller ones can go in no time if taken care of.

It is indeed a painful experience and it’ll be of great joy to get rid of it as soon as possible. Below are 3 exercises that can stop hiatal hernia.

1. Cow Pose

cow pose

This pose specifically works on the torso and the neck region and helps effectively in massaging the spine and belly. From a kneeling position, bend forward, and place both hands on the floor; forming a tablet-like shape. Ensure your knees are beneath your hips, and your wrists and elbows are aligned. Bring your head in a neutral position and keep your eyes fastened to the floor. When you lift, bring your chest towards the ceiling and sink your belly towards the ground. Then, keep your head up and forward. Exhale; bring your tabletop position on your hands and knees and repeat for at least 10times.

2. Diaphragm strengthening exercise

 Diaphragm strengthening

The main cause of hiatal hernia is from a weakened diaphragm; there will be reduced risk of it if the diaphragm is strong. You can do a simple breathing exercise by lying on your back, with a pillow under your head, and another under your knees. Then, place one hand on your upper chest, and the other hand below your rib cage, and breathe in slowly through your nose. When you do this, you will observe that the hand on your rib cage would move out with your stomach, while the hand on your chest remains intact. Now, exhale with your mouth, and tighten the stomach muscles. If this exercise is done consistently, the diaphragm would be strengthened, and in no time, the hiatal hernia will be gone.

3. Side Bends

Side Bends

This exercise increases the flexibility in the spine, opens the side body, and stimulates the liver and breathing muscles. Stand upright with back kept straight, and feet a few inches apart. Keep your right arm down to the side, and your left arm straight above. Then, bend towards the right side, and ensure you are not unconsciously bending forward or backward. Maintain that pose for a while, before returning to the original position. Now, do same on the left side; keep the left arm down to the side, and your right arm straight above. Repeat this process for about 20 times on each side.




If a hiatal hernia is not dealt with at its early stage, it could eventually become complicated and require surgery. Exercises as the ones mentioned above will help to stop hiatal hernia and possibly get rid of it completely.

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