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4 Reasons Why Burpees Could be Your Secret Weight Loss Weapon

If you’ve ever watched one of the many high school/college football or army movies out there, then by now you are probably familiar with b [...]

Keeping Fit With Group Workouts

Sure, hefting weights on the gym-room floor and hitting the treadmill are popular workouts for a reason, but ask yourself: Are you new to wo [...]

Weights You Should Be Lifting With An Arthritic Knee

Most people don’t mention weight lifting and arthritis in the same sentence. But in fact, a number of studies have shown that proper weigh [...]

How To Slender Heavy Legs

Your legs carry the weight of the body and move it around all day long. You might think this therefore would keep them lean and give them a [...]

Mistakes Holding You Back From Being Ripped

 YOUR BODY IS A REFLECTION OF YOUR LIFESTYLE You train hard with both weights and cardio, but for some reason you’re still not lean. [...]

Big Weight-Lifting Mistakes (How to Fix Them)

Are your weight-room errors hindering your results? Lifting weights can help you drop pounds, lower your blood pressure, and improve bone de [...]
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