Martial arts training especially while you are living in dubai can really do amazing things for you.  The physical and mental benefits of martial arts are endless, the lesson I remember the most is this “what you learn from your sifu/teacher doesn’t go away when you end the session, it stays with you for life”.

UFC has brought a worldwide spotlight on mix martial arts and in Dubai more and more parents are putting their children to learn from some of the best teachers in the world.  It teaches you to  leave your pride behind and open your mind to learning instead--- earlier your put your children to start learning martial arts, better it is for their inner and outer learning.

Welcome to one of the UAE’s most forward thinking, the largest, professional, and advanced Martial Arts and Fitness platform, which covers the following cities and disciplines:

Dubai : Private martial arts lessons,

Aikido in Dubai
- Aikido is a Japanese martial art developed by Morihei Ueshiba

Daito Ryu Aiki Bujutsu Dubai - The art of Daito ryu is one of the oldest traditions of Japanese ko ryu bujutsu
Jeet Kune Do lessons in Dubai- Jeet Kune Do is the complete body of technical and philosophical martial art that was made popular by Bruce Lee.  Demand for JKD in Dubai is a lot, you must book your lessons as early as possible.  Currently there are only two instructors for Jeet Kune Do we can book lessons for in Dubai UAE.

Ju Jitsu lessons in Dubai: Size does not matter when it comes to Ju Jitsu because it uses unarmed strikes, joint locks, chokes and throws and your opponents strength and force of attack as a weapon against him. You are able to neutralize an opponent much bigger than you. Ju Jitsu is very popular in Dubai especially in the last few years more and more Dubai parents are getting private Ju Jitsu lessons for their children.  We can arrange both male and female Ju Jitsu teachers. Use the form below to book your lessons. 

We also have most of these instructors for Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman. If you want martial arts lessons and you live in Al Ain
Ras al-Khaimah
Umm al-Quwain
Khor Fakkan
Dibba Al-Hisn
Please use the form below and we will let you know what is available and the costs.  Your first lesson normally is free. provides fun, friendly and family orientated Martial Arts instructors in Dubai, using martial arts for you and your children provides a healthier lifestyle for all the family (from age 3 to adult) through physical and mental development. We are the largest platform in UAE and our positive professional instructors work with you to inspire/motivate you to maximise your full potential.

Use the form below to book a Free private martial arts lesson at the place of your choosing (office, your home or in a gym). Start your journey towards better living today.

Or For General Enquiries email at and For Sales Enquiries email at

  • Khalid Butt

    Khalid Butt

    Personal Trainer

  • Reinmark Clyde N

    Reinmark Clyde N

    Personal Trainer

  • Phillip Heenop

    Phillip Heenop

    Personal Trainer

  • Hendadura Upul Shantha

    Hendadura Upul Shantha

     Description about me: Hard working and good time management. Able teach and coach for any age category, 


  • Arif Mirza

    Arif Mirza

    Arif Mirza's latest venture is the true child of the Idea Economy. Recently launched and already has over more than 3.5 million direct connections and 1.5 million experiences listed. is a blue ocean, it disrupts the way we consume information and connect with people we do not know. You can get paid to share your life experiences with strangers; in essence his goal of turning the individual human mind to Hive Mind is being achieved. He believes, what you have gone through in life, someone else may be going through it right now, making this connection



    Personal Trainer


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